What is Certification?

  • A technician’s competency and certification is a valuable aspect Transportation’s construction process. Without the proper training and certifications, technicians are not fully prepared to test and inspect materials.
  • The purpose of the certification is to assure the proper qualifications of all technicians or else that participate in testing and inspection of materials through set procedures and guidelines. The certification provides the necessary requirements of certification needed for the technician to properly and accurately perform tests and inspections in accordance with the required procedures. The use of certified technicians is designed to improve the consistency and quality of both laboratory and field test results.

Why is certification Needed?

  • Increase proficiency and confidence of technicians.
  • Improves reliability of test results.
  • Increases the quality of asphalt paving materials
  • Official recognition that certain standards are met.
  • Reduction in testing variability and disagreements.
  • Establishes nation-wide means of ensuring technicians are knowledgeable and qualified.

How do we get Certified ?

  • Attend the Classroom part.
  • Attend and participate in the practical lab.
  • Apply for performance and written exam.
  • Achieve minimum 80% of the written exam to get certified.
  • Failure to achieve 80% but above 70% will be eligible to retake the exam.
  • Failure to achieve minimum 70% will have to retake the course again.
  • Certification will be valid up to three years from the date of the training course.

Certifications View & Download

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